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Jaya Wijaya Mountains

Jaya Wijaya Mountains are a mountain range that extends lengthwise in the middle of the Province of West Papua, Papua (Indonesia) to Papua New Guinea Newguinea on. Row of mountains that has some the highest peak in Indonesia was formed because of the appointment of the seabed in thousands of years ago, fossilized sea shells, for example, can be seen on the limestone rocks and contained klastik Jaya Wijaya Mountains.
Therefore, in addition to being the destination of the climbers, Jaya Wijaya Mountains also become the destination of the world geological researchers to examine the fossils preserved in the eternal snow on the surrounding mountains. Jaya Wijaya mountain range is one of Indonesia's mountains are blanketed by snow peak eternal. Even the air around the mountain is very cold because there is permanent snow covering the mountain peaks.
Life in this mountain peak is also different at the top of the mountain is usually covered by a very dense trees at the top of the Jaya Wijaya just a thick snow.
But rarely in Indonesia we find natural scenery such as on top of the Jaya Wijaya because Indonesia is the tropical rainy season and dry season there is no snow. But at the top of JayaWijaya have eternal snow was a beauty that deserves to be visited.

Historical formation Jaya Wijaya Mountains
According to geological theory, the beginning of the world only has a continent called Pangea at 250 million years ago. Continent Pangea broke up into two to form the continents Laurasia and Eurasian continents. Eurasian continent broke back into Gonwana continent that later would become the mainland of South America, Africa, India, and Australia.
A very intensive precipitation occurred on the continent of Australia, plus the occurrence of plate collision between the Indo-Pacific plate with the Indo-Australian on the seabed. Plate collision resulted in the island arc, which will become islands and mountains in Papua.
As a result of the appointment process of continuous, sedimentation and tectonic events along the sea bottom, within a period of millions of years to produce high mountains as you can see today.
Evidence that the island of Papua and the high mountains have become part of the deep seabed can be seen from the fossil remains in rocks Jaya Wijaya.


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been here done this.... coolest mountain in Indonesia...

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Jaya wijaya mountain is only one of most beautiful mountain in Indonesia

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