Monday, December 14, 2009

Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is a tourist place of the Indian Ocean coastal beaches, the beach is located approximately 25 kilometers south of the city of Yogyakarta, central java, Indonesia. Parangtritis an object to a well-known tourism in Yogyakarta in addition to other objects such as Samas beach, Baron, Kukup Krakal and Glagah Beach. Parangtritis has its own beauty not found in any other tourist, that is in addition to large waves are also the mountain - a high dunes around the beach. This tourism object is managed by the government of Bantul area pretty well, ranging from lodging facilities or market that sells souvenirs typical of the South '. In addition there is bathhouse called machete wedang which according to the story of water in the baths can cure many kinds of diseases including skin diseases, water from the bath containing sulfur from the site mountian.

Parangtritis, a very beautiful beach which is a hill of sand and rock meet. This beach where you can enjoy the beauty of relaxing with your family or your partner, because the beach is romantic and cool. Many entertainment you can enjoy, you can perform edge swimming beach activities, there is a ban not to swim too far away the beach, lest you be dragged to the middle of the flow due to many coral reefs under the sea steep. But you do not need to worry, because there are many public baths provided for the visitors. In addition, you can wander along the beach by using Andong (horse carriage) which are available to take you around the edge of the beach.
By the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset is very beautiful. At nightfall, bamboo stalls of food vendors began selling around the coast. You can enjoy the warmth of ginger drink or just enjoy roasted corn, for those of you who want to stay in this Parangtritis beach area lots are in the form of hostel accommodation and hotels.
To achieve Parangtritis Beach tourist sites you can travel by motor vehicle, because this way you can skip straight to the beach. If you wish to travel using public buses, can be done by taking the bus from the terminal Umbulharjo.


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