Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

TMII is a cultural tourism area which is located in the city of Jakarta. With various cultures that appear in this place from different regions in Indonesia aims to be Indonesia's culture is not extinct even be preserved and developed by the Indonesian Society. in the middle of the lake was built TMII small size of the Indonesian archipelago described. This means that Indonesia is a country consisting of several islands from each of the islands or areas in Indonesia have each culture therefore Indonesia is very rich in diverse cultures.

In TMII there are many attractions that describe the cultural characteristics and a variety of natural resources in Indonesia. Tourism objects presented in TMII area, such as museums, parks, recreation, and others. Of the various attractions presented so that all visitors TMII aims not only have knowledge about the importance of maintaining a culture that is owned by the State of Indonesia, but they can also enjoy a game for children who were invited to tour.

If we are citizens of Indonesia are good and obedient we should maintain and preserve the culture of the State of Indonesia, at least we can start from the culture around our neighborhood whether the family environment, school, or community. And if we are interested to study the various cultures that exist in Indonesia, we do not need to tour Indonesia but simply by visiting TMII because different cultures have been presented with a very attractive package.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This beach is located Pecatu area. Hygiene and beauty presented by this beach attract many tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.
Dreamland which means Land of Dreams in Pecatu Village, Badung Regency, which is located in the southern island of Bali. We will find this beach on the way to the famous temple in Bali, Uluwatu Temple.
Dreamland beach is named because the area could be built Pecatu one of the region's largest tourism center in Southeast Asia. Previously this area was barren and arid regions. Then with a great desire of people around to change their livelihood from farming to tourism businesses so it became a very beautiful beach with air and a beautiful atmosphere.
As we enter this area so our eyes will not be separated from the beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs are very high and large rocks that make us feel that the beach is lower than the sea.
As we descended the stairs to the rocks and beaches, we shall find a stone cliff scenery on which there is a green pasture that is high enough.
We also can enjoy the beauty of the sunset at the beach area. Waves at this beach is also very big, therefore a lot of surfers who make this place a surf tourist destination in Bali.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Bali Island is known by a variety of natural beauty, one of tourism object in this island is Kintamani. Around this area a lot of natural scenery is very beautiful stretch of mountains around this area and makes the air around this place is cool. In Kintamani are also several important temples that make this area become one of the resorts are not overlooked by tourists in Bali.

One of the famous mountain in Kintamani area is Mount Batur. This mountain is a small volcano located in the middle of the crater and adjacent to this mountain there is a famous lake of Lake Batur. This crescent-shaped lake and surrounded by high walls of the crater lane. Landscape presented by the resorts is very interesting because this place is a combination of the two landscapes of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

A few years before Mount Batur had erupted which resulted in several villages in this area moved to another village and one of the temples of this area is displaced Ulundanu Batur temple.
When we visited in this area do not forget to bring a camera because we can take a photo or landscape picture is very attractive with a combination of the mountain with the lake.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kawah Putih (White Crater) Ciwidey

One of the attractions presented in Bandung is not less interesting to the island of Bali, tourism objects presented in Bandung is the White crater. This tourism object is located in District Ciwidey in the south of Bandung regency, West Java, Indonesia.

White crater is a crater lake of Mount Patuha. this crater became one tourist attraction in the city of Bandung, because there are rarely formed crater in the mountains and craters which were white.

White crater lake water that can change color, Crater Lake has a characteristic white and unique ways. The water in this lake can change color, sometimes dark bluish green, when the hot sun and fine weather, sometimes also brown. Most often seen in white water with a thick mist over the surface of the crater. In addition to the crater surface is white, sand and rocks around it were predominantly white, hence the crater is called the White crater.

This crater has a sulfur content that is very high because it can take advantage of the surrounding community as sulfur processing.
This crater we can only find in Bandung. For that not to miss this tour to visit with various uniqueness that we can see in this crater.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jaya Wijaya Mountains

Jaya Wijaya Mountains are a mountain range that extends lengthwise in the middle of the Province of West Papua, Papua (Indonesia) to Papua New Guinea Newguinea on. Row of mountains that has some the highest peak in Indonesia was formed because of the appointment of the seabed in thousands of years ago, fossilized sea shells, for example, can be seen on the limestone rocks and contained klastik Jaya Wijaya Mountains.
Therefore, in addition to being the destination of the climbers, Jaya Wijaya Mountains also become the destination of the world geological researchers to examine the fossils preserved in the eternal snow on the surrounding mountains. Jaya Wijaya mountain range is one of Indonesia's mountains are blanketed by snow peak eternal. Even the air around the mountain is very cold because there is permanent snow covering the mountain peaks.
Life in this mountain peak is also different at the top of the mountain is usually covered by a very dense trees at the top of the Jaya Wijaya just a thick snow.
But rarely in Indonesia we find natural scenery such as on top of the Jaya Wijaya because Indonesia is the tropical rainy season and dry season there is no snow. But at the top of JayaWijaya have eternal snow was a beauty that deserves to be visited.

Historical formation Jaya Wijaya Mountains
According to geological theory, the beginning of the world only has a continent called Pangea at 250 million years ago. Continent Pangea broke up into two to form the continents Laurasia and Eurasian continents. Eurasian continent broke back into Gonwana continent that later would become the mainland of South America, Africa, India, and Australia.
A very intensive precipitation occurred on the continent of Australia, plus the occurrence of plate collision between the Indo-Pacific plate with the Indo-Australian on the seabed. Plate collision resulted in the island arc, which will become islands and mountains in Papua.
As a result of the appointment process of continuous, sedimentation and tectonic events along the sea bottom, within a period of millions of years to produce high mountains as you can see today.
Evidence that the island of Papua and the high mountains have become part of the deep seabed can be seen from the fossil remains in rocks Jaya Wijaya.

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