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Name Bogor Botanical Gardens Tourism familiar sound in our ears because of this tour is a pleasant resort area beautiful and the most beautiful areas Bogor. Regions with an area of 87 hectares has been established since 1817 on the initiative of Sir Stamford Raffles, a British national who served as governor of Java.

Lots of shade trees that grow around Bogor Botanical Gardens. This causes the air in this area is very cool at all. The trees in this area hundreds of years old. So not surprisingly, the trees here have a big trunk and reach tens of meters high. In each tree, which contains the label attached to a tree and when trees began to be planted.

So, in addition to travel, we can also know the trees that we may not know existed.
There are more than 17,000 species, including species of rare orchids. The trees are here not only from domestic but also many who come from abroad .

Which is always interesting to watch is the development of carrion flower (Rafflesia arnoldi). This flower is unique because the large size and when the bloom will remove the stench that was named the dead flowers. This flower is very rare because we can only find in certain areas. One was in Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Here we can see the calm green area which we rarely encounter in big cities. The sound of singing birds can also listen to us. To add to her beauty, there is also a swimming-pool with water fountains, so that we could hear the sound of water. For those of you who took the children, this place is perfect because there are many parks, so the sons and daughters wide you can freely play. For example the park near the lotus pond is a favorite place for families to play with their children.

There is also a way that resembles the long corridor with large trees on the left and right. The chairs in between the tree into a comfortable place after walking around this area.
Therefore you should not miss the beautiful scenery and interesting is that only in the Bogor Botanical Gardens because all the beauty we can feel from the scene here to plant the cool air that we never get in urban areas.


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