Saturday, November 28, 2009

Samosir Island

Samosir Island, this island located in the middle of the lake toba. Samosir island surrounded by mountains. No wonder the air is very cold there. Given Samosir Island is located in the highlands around 700 "mdpl 1995. If we look at this island from a distance like a mountain range located in the middle of the sea.

To go to the island of Samosir in itself can take two ways, first we can cross the lake Toba through Ajibata and the second we get through Brastagi. Both of you who decide to stay. Samosir island beauty will make you swayed by green mountains and cool air. You will truly feel revived after passing a night on the island of Samosir.

If we do not bring personal car, then we can rent a car from Medan. Then you just choose between the past Brastagi or Prapat. From Medan to Prapat takes about 4 hours drive and connected with a cross using the ferry takes 1 hour drive. While the Brastagi only 3 hours.
Most of the island of Samosir is the inn because Samosir Island attraction that makes people want to see it in every time.Location inn in this area is very varied and diverse. Each offers the most beautiful scenery from Lake Toba. Inns are glued on the edge of Lake Toba. If we stay so we can feel how the view of Lake Toba in the night and the cool air that we can feel in the morning.

We can also buy a souvenir when he returned from the island because a lot of unique souvenirs sometimes funny has been made by residents around the island of Samosir.


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oke thanks,,where lies the island samosir? whether the island is located in the middle of the lake?

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