Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bunaken Marine Park

It's made headlines and talk a lot of people around the world, that our homeland is indeed rich with interesting sights and pleasant. Many mountain tourism, sea tourism and tour the old city able to attract enough interest in us all to enjoy. In addition our country is very rich in aquatic areas that are named State Agriculture.
One of the sights are very interesting and at the northern tip of Indonesia is the Bunaken Marine Park. Bunaken is located in the Gulf, we are able to get there through traditional ports along the city of Manado. Bunaken Marine Park, located close to a group of islands is also very nice scenery. Besides we can enjoy the beauty of Bunaken Marine Park, we also can enjoy the scenery around Bunaken Marine Park.
In Bunaken (first Bunaken Marine Park), you can do activities diving, snorkeling or swimming. In every ship or large boat tour there with the sub-floor made of glass fiber glass, so we are on ships or boats can see Bunaken Marine Park is filled with sea coral forests and surrounded by ornamental fish, marine fish are very attractive. What a beautiful Marine Park where we can feel directly at the sea floor must be very interesting.
For that's too bad if we have a chance visit to Manado, but not the time to visit the Bunaken Marine Park. This beautiful charm will never be forgotten for you and the family of course. And certainly you have nothing to lose because the scene is shown by direct Bunaken Marine Park to see life on the ocean floor by using boats.


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