Friday, November 13, 2009

Hero monument and tenth of November museum

We have some monuments in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. One of them is “Hero monument”. It is located on JL. Pahlawan Surabaya. The Hero Monument was erected on November 10th, 1951 and was officially decleared in the next year by the first President Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. The monument was designed to commemorate the history of the independence heroes who struggled in the battle of Novembeer 10th, 1945.
To support the existence of the Hero Monument, and to equip the facilities, the Tenth of November Museum was built. In the museum there is a collection of weapons both from the allied troops and the japanese troops used in the battle of surabaya. Furthermore, the museum has hall of fame exhibits some statues, photographs and some historical items of Bung Tomo, and it shows some important events in the static dioramas, as well as a film of the battle of Surabaya, November 10th, 1945 in the electronic diorama. In the museum the visitors can also listen to the inciting speech of Bung Tomo, in generating the spirit of the people to face the allied ultimatum. The high spirit and the unity in the battle of November 10th, 1945 have been perpectuated in the predicate of Surabaya as a Hero City.


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