Friday, November 13, 2009

Popoh beach

The beach is located in the area Tulungagung East Java province, Indonesia. The beauty of this beach we can feel along the way to the beach so Popoh cool air can be felt by us all the way to the beach Popoh. can also see along the way such as: mountains, trees are very dense, and handicrafts made of marble.
This tour visited by many people around to take advantage of existing resources on this and used as a livelihood. For example utilizing marine tourism using marine vessels, fishermen, and many marine fish traders around the beach.
The most interesting place among all that exists in this beach is the sea view from the top of the mountain.
It was amazing. Despite its location in the countryside, but the location is frequently visited by tourists.
In the vicinity of this beach is also a lot of Marble quarry because this region is a source of raw material of marble. So if you visit the beach Popoh do not forget to buy souvenirs made from marble.


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Indah sekali tempatnya buat kemah dipesisir pantai diareal tanaman kelapa sambil menikmati pisang byar (besar, katanya tidak ada ontongnya) juga bakar ikan hasil dari nelayan! kenangan yang indah dan tak terlupakan, acara Perpisahan SMA Negeri 3 Malang!

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