Friday, November 13, 2009

Lamongan Marine tourism & Cave Maharani

Lamongan marine tourism is a tourism area of 17 hectares in up to meet the needs of entertainment facilities for families in East Java as well as from all over Indonesia. Tourist area then known as Marine Tourism Lamongan or East Java Park II. This tourist area has seemingly not very different concept to the Beach Ancol - Jakarta. Various means of entertainment or games available, and these were scattered locations. Various tours that are available among others: Banana Boat, Jet ski, Water Games, Pirates Den, Playground, Go Kart Circuit, Boat Bumpers, Glass Planet, Space Shuttle, the Ghost Hospital, Cat House, Gallery Boat & Conch.Here is also a swimming pool complete with a large enough water games that are ready to entertain visitors to swim or just splashing around. Sand beaches and fine-grained brownish-white can also be used for a variety of beach games and sports.
Entrance is divided into two namely price Rp. 25,000 and Rp. 40,000 for each visitor. The price is a ticket to enjoy the canal existing facilities, without having to pay again. ticket price of Rp. 40,000 have been included all the facilities while the ticket price of Rp. 25,000 only enjoy a few objects only. At the outside this place there are many unique places to shop in East Java in the form of souvenirs, including the fish market, fruit and vegetables and food markets.
Approximately 200 meters from the object Lamongan Marine Tourism, there is also the object of natural caves famous in Indonesia, Maharani Cave. The plan of this tourist attraction will be united and become part of a package of marine tourism. A cable car network will be a means of liaison between the two.


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